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Who is "J.V."?
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July 8, 2007

Who is the prophet “J. V.”?

Javier Viesca, D.D.S., the third of 10 children, was born on March 21, 1950 to Fernando Viesca y Viesca and Maria Esther Muriel de Viesca. In his parents he found great spiritual support; in his father he witnessed a living example of charity and through his mother he grew spirituality alongside the Blessed Virgin Mary.  

As he himself concedes, he grew up a “hermit”, despite the fact that he was the third of 10 children; he led an extremely introverted life; rarely socialized and lived a life of profound prayer; almost as if in conversation with the Heavens above, in utter innocence.

When his parents began to insist that he attend parties, he agreed out of obedience, but he comments that as he watched the people dance, and “what they did while dancing”, when his parents arrived to pick him up from this, his first party, he asked them to never again insist that he attend a party, even if this meant missing out on family gatherings.

His mother was always quick to take them to receive Holy Communion the first Friday of every month, for she too loved the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Joseph dearly, as well as our Blessed Mother.

He has always held the priesthood and Mother Church in great respect to such a degree that he always believed he saw Jesus in every priest. He recounts how, while still a teen, priests would approach him and ask for his advice and spiritual support and he would ask them “Why me if I’m just a teen?", and it was during this time in his life that he began to realize, through the priests’ own words, that many did not behave as they should, and this broke his heart for he believed them all to be extremely holy.

He credits the breeding of messenger pigeons for competition for providing him with social support during his adolescence and thereon, to the point that this activity became a part of his life. It was through this acquired hobby of caring for God’s creatures that he somehow managed to keep his distance from the world and its temptations, which aided him greatly in managing his spiritual life.

When he was about 28 years old, he came into contact with the Holy Spirit’s Charismatic Renewal Movement and although he had been building his relationship with the Holy Spirit, he found his relationship with God the Holy Spirit strengthened through the courses he took with the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit (Concepcion Cabrera de Armida’s private revelations).

The years passed and although as child he had consistently experienced attacks from the devil, the strength he drew from his spiritual life of solitude and through the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, helped him to avoid committing sins customary to an adolescent.  

Up until then, his strongest bond was with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit; God the Father had not been a strongpoint in his life, at least not as much as it came to be after his trip to Medjugorje in 1993. 

Upon his return from Medjugorje, where he asked for the gift of the Holy Spirit, --which he acknowledges he “didn’t know what it was for,” but which he asked for because the Blessed Virgin Mary asked him to do so—, a series of mystical experiences ensued.

As soon as he returned, the Holy Spirit began to manifest Himself, and to strongly insist that “a book” be written, which he kept putting off, until one day, he finally listened and the Holy Spirit, through the Gift of Vision, allowed him to envision what it was that he should write.

From thereon his relationship with God the Father begins. That “book” was a pretext so that he could experience for months, by writing and envisioning through this Gift of Vision, a life with God the Father.

It was during this period that a theologist from the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit referred a patient who would become his “spiritual partner“. She was prohibited by her spiritual director to speak of her mystical gifts and was only to visit as a patient. However, this turned out to be futile as the Holy Spirit made His presence known on her third visit, upon which He united them spiritually. From then on forward their mystical experiences grew tenfold.

About 2 to 3 weeks later they were invited to attend a spiritual retreat held in what was Conchita Armida’s Hacienda, in San Luis Potosi, México, with a lay group from Our Lady of Peace and on the second day, they were advised by Our Lord Jesus Christ, the nature of their mission. 

Our Lord asked for their permission to prepare them for “a mission” and provided them with some details, and then asked them if they were “willing”; to which they responded affirmatively.   

Following the retreat, upon returning to their homes, Javier began to go to the Church where his “spiritual partner” attended and from day-one, Our Blessed Mother asked them to recite the Holy Rosary following the Holy Mass. For the following 3 years they were guided and prepared through visions, advice, spiritual gifts, scolding, etc., “much like a family”, for what was to follow.

During those three years they were asked to remain silent and although they were given the prophesy that they were going to experience forceful attacks, considering that both were married and with family, they would have to endure humiliations and false witnesses, in order to strengthen them for future trials and tribulations.

At the end of the three-year period, God the Father appeared in a vision, and told them: “You are now torches and must bring light to the World”, at which point Javier experienced a vision in which he saw the World covered in darkness, “you could not see the oceans nor the earth, everything was dark and only a few bright lights could be seen through out the World, yet far apart from one another”, and Javier said to God the Father, “but Father, this too much work for so few”, to which He responded: “Remember Javier that a spark can ignite a fire and when all those tiny bright lights that you see are united, the Light will descend upon the Earth”. Feeling a strong commitment he said to God the Father: “Do we now have to tell the World about all that You have taught us?, They’re going to look at us as if we where strange” and God the Father replied: “You are all My children and the obligation of a child is to speak with his Father, those who do not do so are who should be considered strange”.    

They were immersed in thought as the days passed by, when suddenly, about two weeks later, while praying the Holy Rosary, the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel appeared (Javier consecrated himself, his children, marriage and mission to Our Holy Mother in this avocation) and said to them: “This is as far as you will go together, you must now each go on your own to fulfill your mission and I shall reunite you later on”, and thus ended 1997.

The New Evangelization of Love. The Messages.

At the beginning of 1998 the Holy Spirit granted His permission to produce in writing some of the mystical experiences and teachings given in those 3 years, and on May 16, 1998, Javier began to receive, what he calls, “the Messages” and explains that God the Father indicated that these would serve mankind as a new evangelization of the Love, in His (God’s), Love. Javier says that all these (about 400 – 500) could be surmised in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, in which the Merciful Love of God the Father, in It’s maximum expression, is exemplified.

Dissemination and Publication of the Messages. Printed and Internet. 

The first stage of the Messages covers from May 16, 1998 to May 21, 2003. They have been reviewed by at least two theologians (one whom after having read some, stated: “Many of my theological doubts have been resolved after reading these”). These were forwarded on to His Holiness Pope John Paul II and one or many were published in L’ Osservatore Romano (the official Vatican newspaper). These have enriched the reading habits of many priests and laity, who anxiously awaited the printed edition, to find out what, predominantly God the Father, transmits in His Messages.

After several months of not having received any Messages, the second stage began at the end of 2003, but since Javier did not believe he was going to be receiving any more, he failed to write these down and considers these Messages to be of a personal nature. Then during Lent 2004, the second stage formally began: the Rosary Messages. Where instead of being given a Message per Rosary recited, he is given a Message at each decade of the Holy Rosary, thereupon writing down a great number of Messages through today (July 8, 2007) and henceforth, overflowing with the Love of God --in His Most Holy Trinity, and from Our Most Holy Mother-- and with a spirituality far greater than that received in the first set of Messages, in preparation for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Earth; and His coexistence with the Children of God; and as the Holy Spirit said to him: all these Messages and events “that are already upon us”, shall serve to purify us in body and soul so that we can “coexist in the New Heavens and Earth in union with the Holiest of Holiest”. Amen.